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Enon, Ohio  
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Wine Tasting 

    $1.50/.5 oz. tasting of ice wine
    $1.00/1 oz. tasting of all other wines
    Complementary wine glass with any six tastings

Syrah -  $21.95/bottle

            Full body dry red, 14.4% Alcohol by Vol.

Pinot Gris -  $19.95/bottle

            Medium dry white

Chardonnay -  $18.95/bottle

            Silver medal Ohio dry white wine

Cabernet Sauvignon -  $19.95/bottle

            American dry red table wine

Merlot -  $19.95/bottle

            Dry red wine

Not Your Mother's Red -  $19.58/bottle

            Blackberry Merlot off dry red wine

Chambourcin -  $18.95/bottle

            Dry red table wine

Vidal Blanc-  $17.95/bottle  

            Available in both semi-dry (double gold medal winner) and dry (silver and gold awards) white table wines, Ohio Quality Wine

IKE -  $16.95/bottle  

            Dry white seyval table wine with a special story

Riesling -  $16.95/bottle

            Available in both sweet and dry white table wines

Party Girl -  $17.95/bottle

            Sweet raspberry riesling wine

Traminette -  SOLD OUT

            Spicy semi-dry white table wine

Mad River Red -  $15.95/bottle

            Semi-sweet red wine

Lacrescent -  $16.95/bottle

            Semi-sweet fruity white wine with citrus flavors

Blackberry -  $17.95/bottle

            Sweet blackberry fruit wine

Berry Monster -  SOLD OUT

            Sweet blend of red raspberry and blackberry fruit wine

Cranberry -  $16.95/bottle  

            Sweet cranberry fruit wine

Pink Passion -  $16.95/bottle

            Sweet blend of grape and cherry wine

Cherry Truffle -  SOLD OUT

           Sweet cherry and grape wine with chocolate flavors

Sweet Mingo -  $16.95/bottle

            Sweet grape wine with peach flavors

Black Dog -  $18.65/bottle

            Sweet blend of raspberry and grape wines

Luv-a-bull -  $18.65/bottle

            Sweet Moscato grape wine

Raspberry Storm -  SOLD OUT

            Sweet 100% red raspberry fruit wine

Forever Home -  $18.65/bottle

            Sweet blush grape wine

Purple Rayne -  COMING SOON ($19.58/bottle starting October 13)

            Sweet 100% blueberry fruit wine

Polar Crush -  $30.00/bottle

            Sweet Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, Ohio Quality Wine

"Wine is a constant proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
-Benjamin Franklin

Good wine ruins the purse; bad wine ruins the stomach.
-Spanish saying

"Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages."
-Louis Pasteur